Catie Benjamin, Escrow Officer

Catie Benjamin began her career in the title & escrow industry working as a title researcher in a smallCatie Benjamin, San Diego Escrow Officer county in Northern California in 1978. Moving her way up to Title Officer, she remained on the title side of the industry until 1986. In January of 1986, she relocated back to San Diego, her home town, and decided that she wanted to change to the escrow side of the industry. She began as an assistant at San Marcos National Bank, worked her way up to become an Escrow Officer and obtained her Professional Designation from the California Escrow Association in 1990. She remained with the Bank until 1994, when they were bought out and closed the department. The other escrow officer in the department opened M & M Escrow, and she worked for her until 1999, when she opened the Escondido branch of Pickford Escrow. In 2006, she was recruited to take on a large branch of Heritage Escrow, managing 9 escrow units in a busy REO branch.

In November of 2010, Catie was lucky enough to have the opportunity to open the Escondido branch of Centennial Escrow, with a great team of professionals she had worked with in the past. Catie feels that each step of her journey has brought her to the place she was always meant to be.

Video of Catie Benjamin

In this video, Catie talks about how she came into Escrow, her appreciation of the support from her family and her mission!