A lot of homes built before the new millennium have built-in display shelves and storage.  Often,How to modernize built-in shelving however, the built-ins have ornamentation and hardware that is no longer in keeping with today’s minimalist styles.  Removing the built-ins would be conceding very functional space and sometimes value.  So what can you do?

  • Freshen up the built-ins with eye-catching white paint or light stain; match the trim of the room in general.
  • Remove pilasters and molding details that don’t suit the clean spare look of “now”.
  • Remove unneeded hardware or simplify that which is necessary by replacing with hardware that is less ornate.
  • If there are solid cabinet fronts, switch them to glass fronts if you think it will improve the look of your specific built-ins.
  • Add LED lighting to expand and freshen the space quickly!
  • Alternate the shelf space heights for visual interest and when you stock the shelves, leave open space to avoid a cluttered look!

Centennial Escrow Team