• Myth #1:  Replacing the windows in your home will make your home substantially more energy-efficient.Myth about new window energy efficiency
    • The Federal Trade Commission has taken umbrage against many window companies for false advertising because the energy-efficiency increase is most likely only about 3%.  Windows are basically a hole.  You can have a better hole, but never an efficient hole!  The best thing to do is add insulation to your home…it’s cheaper than replacing windows and will generally provide a much greater increase in energy-efficiency.
  • Myth #2:  All members of any group are the same.
    • In terms of generational groups, bundling them may help point out trends but there are no groups that are uniform.  And when you are working with people, whether representing them in real estate, sports training, fashion, music education or another industry, they don’t like to be treated as a “type”.  If that’s how you treat them you’ll undoubtedly miss out on vital relationships and future business connections!

Centennial Escrow Team