People are constantly throwing off signals that include silent/non-verbal messages communicated through their body movements, facial expressions, voice tone and loudness.  Micro expressions, hand gestures, and posture register almost immediately with the people around you and can have long-lasting repercussions.  Body language, or silent communication, includes:

  • Eyebrow Flash – Raising your eyebrows, while smiling or frowning/scowling, can emphasize aIs Your Body Language Sending The Wrong Message? judgment you may or may not want to convey. A smile with an eyebrow flash can make you seem approachable, trustworthy and reliable.  Frowns or scowls with an eyebrow flash can put the other person off.  Just remember, an Eyebrow Flash is like an exclamation mark for your facial expression!
  • Forward Foot – Convey that you are credible, powerful and confident by taking the first step forward to greet or welcome someone.
  • Centered Balance – Centering your balance rather than leaning to one side or the other by a few inches can indicate that you are strong and confident. Standing with feet wide apart can be seen as aggressive or on the defensive.
  • Eye Contact – As you’ve probably heard, eye contact improves your credibility and conveys that you are listening to the other person and are engaged. Eye contact can be welcoming and at other times, depending on the situation and surroundings, the other person can view it as a challenge.  NO eye contact makes you appear weak and suspicious.  Looking at the ceiling or floor can make you seem evasive and unsure.
  • Mirroring – Mirroring, or the act of copying another person’s body language, can build rapport and trust and make you appear more empathetic.
  • Barriers – Crossing your arms or ankles, or putting something between you and the other person like a desk or a file folder, can create a barrier to successful communication.
  • Voice Tone – Voice tone can be as influential as words. Ending sentences in a lower tone or level of power can diminish the strength of your meaning.

Communication is not just about what you do and say, but HOW you do it.  Keeping this in mind will take you a long way toward being your most effective!

Centennial Escrow Team