Researchers say there are significant things you can do to impact the success of your children.  Some things you may want to implement are below:

  • DON’T tell them they can be anything they want, if the real money jobs with huge shortages of workers in the future will be in the health care and construction trades.
  • Studies have shown that eating dinner as a family at night enormously reduces substance abuse, teenHow To Raise Children To Be Successful       pregnancy, obesity and depression, and significantly raises grade-point averages, vocabularies and self-esteem!
  • Scientists have shown that too much time spent using tablets, smart phones and the like impede focus, attention, vocabulary and social skills. Children under 18 months of age should have NO exposure to these types of screens and children from 18 months to 5 years of age should have no more than 1 hour of exposure per day.  For children beyond 5 years of age, parents need to monitor exposure and be sure that use of these devices doesn’t reduce adequate sleep, exercise and personal interaction.
  • Moms who work outside the home have been shown to produce daughters more likely to be successfully employed.
  • Chores should not be viewed as a punishment or burden, but as a step toward greater success.
  • Training children to do or not do important things every day, whether they want to or not, develops children who are less obese and better able to deal with stress.
  • Reading to your children expands their language skills and exposure to varied experiences, and their view of what’s possible.
  • Travel, particularly international travel, increases a child’s tolerance, interest in learning, independence, self-esteem, confidence, self-expression and intellectual curiosity.
  • Let children fail.  After all, you can’t learn to get up if you haven’t fallen.  Coping is a skill that requires development and is needed in all challenging situations.  Failing helps kids relate to peers in a fuller way.  It also supports the need for hard work, sustained effort, and courage; which are all vital to success.

Centennial Escrow Team