Do you go from work, to more work at home and then back to work?  Keep in mind that you DESERVE a life.  At least some of the time!  Following are some easy ways to put a little more LIVING in your LIFE:

  • Explore Your City – There are new activities, events, sites, places to see and places to eat, beingDo You Need Less Work & More Living In Your Life? added all the time. Balboa Park always seems to have new museums and activities.  Next time you host a party, or are at one, ask everyone to share their favorite new discovery in San Diego.  So many new things are added in San Diego; we may know they’re there but not make the time to experience them.  Increase your living by exploring your city.
  • Go Little Instead of Big – Quit with the big projects. Given that we are lucky to get one day a week without a to-do list or 8 hours off between breakfast and pre-bed get-ready-for-tomorrow activities, focus on little projects instead of BIG projects.  When you complete a little project, you will feel good AND you will move forward.
  • Find Exercise That You Enjoy – Gyms are pretty busy even though most people go on and off. I manage to stick with my exercise program by working with a trainer twice a week but I’ll admit that it isn’t fun.  Wouldn’t it be better to find an exercise activity that you like?  Perhaps swimming, tennis, bocce, golf, horseback riding, softball, etc…  Whatever activity you choose, focus on it and become skillful at it.  This will give you yet another thing to feel good about!
  • Eat Healthier – Nutritional ads and advice are coming at us like bullets. Focus on initially discovering 2 new healthy foods to eat, then add in more as you discover them.  Ask your friends for their best shake/smoothie recipes and their best health tips.  Go to a local “health” store and ask them for suggestions on new foods to try or do a little research online.  (Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and recipes.)  Keep looking…I’m sure you’ll find something healthy you like!
  • Cultivate a New Friend – Friendships are great for sharing interests, ideas and a new point of view that may be refreshing as well as fascinating. If this doesn’t happen with a new friend, or your current ones, perhaps they aren’t the best friend(s) for you.
  • Turn Off Your Electronics – Turn off your tv, computers and other electronic devices.  Look around and engage with the people in your life.  Replace your electronics with a concert, book presentation/signing, sporting event, a play and even a movie!  Get out and experience the world around you to add more living to your life.  Enjoy!

Centennial Escrow Team