There’s an interesting shift these days in terms of whether people value time or money the most.  The shift is usually visible in the choices people make.  Examples that indicate people feel they have less time and value their time more are:Which Do You Value Most; Time or Money?

  • The popularity of fast food restaurants – they certainly did not become popular because of their great chefs or quality food.
  • Home buyer’s interest in purchasing a home that is “done” – there is significant emphasis on the need for a home to be in “done” condition.  This is in contrast to historically valuing significant craftsmanship and architecture.
  • Even clothing styles and grooming often demonstrate the need to be able to change modes, move quickly and get going.
  • Grandma and Grandpa said, “I’m good, because I’m keeping busy”.  Do you think you will ever consider that a full day is the measure of a good one?

So what can you do with this insight? 

  • Add value by giving time to the people that matter in your life.
  • Give yourself precious time for meaningful activities by eliminating unnecessary ones.  Really, do you need to vacuum every day?
  • Help your children, and yourself, make the most out of the available hours.  Determine which activities will give you pleasure, desired knowledge and a feeling of accomplishment.

Centennial Escrow Team