Focus On Customer Service

Everyone’s personal experience demonstrates that the greatest failing in business today is Customer Service.  We notice because it is such a pleasant shock when we get some!  The company that starts theirBusiness success tips focus with the customer – what they want, how we can best serve them – will find that even an average product will fly off the shelf.

Listen To Your Employees

A wise business owner will keep an ear tuned to the input of those who stand on the front lines working directly with customers. They are the ones who hear the complaints and praise and can offer valuable direction.

Listening to employees is also a way to provide better management.  Everyone in a company has a specific job to do, and it is not always likely that each is aware of the other’s experiences and issues.  The very successful Elon Musk, of Tesla, is known to walk through his factory and talk to his line workers, making sure new procedures are implemented in a timely manner and sometimes gleaning very valuable ideas on how to make processes more efficient.  Mr. Musk also realizes that walking the lines and talking to the factory workers is viewed as recognition by them.  As is, providing a work site in good condition with reasonable facilities for both working and going on “break”.

Be Purposeful

Being busy is not the important thing in business, but being purposeful and meaningful is.  When your focus is waning, there are smart steps to help you wind it back into productive mode:

  • Be present with your surroundings, take deep breaths and reset your attention.
  • Review your intentions and focus on the ideal outcomes.  This will make you less likely to let mistakes pull your attitude off course.
  • Turn off interruptions.

Sometimes success can be propelled by something as simple as a 60-second rehearsal of purpose, self-acknowledgement, and a mental picture of the ideal goal.

Centennial Escrow Team