One wonderful project to share with kids or friends is the making of terrariums.  They are marvelous personal gifts, and less fattening than baked goods!

Project Tips

  1. Gather some appropriate vessels – jars, bowls and those vases that come with every TelefloraHow to make a terrarium delivery. If you don’t have what you need on hand, see what you can find at thrift shops, Big Lots, etc…
  2. Seek a good source for plants. The nursery has baby succulents at reasonable prices.
  • You can take cuttings from succulents at your home and root them. Allow the cuttings to dry a few days until the ends have calloused.  Then fill a shallow dish with well-draining succulent soil and put the cuttings on top, allowing their new roots to grown down.  This works with many different types of succulents, so try several.
  • Air plants just need rocks or pea gravel, and a little water spray if their leaves curve inward.
  1. All plants are a little different, and lighting and humidity can affect your choices, but generally layer your terrariums with:
  • Stones or gravel
  • Soaked filtration moss squeezed out very well and pressed onto the stones/gravel
  • Soil with good drainage (no moisture control beads or fertilizer)
  • Plants and decorative items

Enjoy your creative endeavor and your beautiful terrariums.

Centennial Escrow Team