We have no guarantee that we will be here tomorrow so making our life the best we can, by doing what we want as much as possible, is very important!  But if you own a business, how can you possibly take aYou Own The Business…How Can You Take a Vacation? vacation or time off for things you enjoy?  Here are a few tips:

  • Have people in your business that you can trust.  Whether it is employees, partners, back-up or part-time help, if you depend on people with good judgment, good intentions and honesty, you are on the right track.
  • Have a meeting with all people involved in conducting business on your behalf while you are gone:
    • Review the chain of command
    • Leave access to funds such as signed checks if applicable
    • Authorize 1 person to use a credit card if needed
    • Fill them in on any priority situations and customers that may need attention while you’re gone
    • Let them know what can wait, and if anything, what they should reach out to you about
    • Be SURE to determine if you want customers and vendors to know you are out of town, and make sure your people know about your choice!
    • Arrange with your people how often and by what means you would like reports or communication
  • Determine if you want security cameras and where. They are a very common occurrence now, so no one should be offended.  In many cases, they are also a good idea even when you are NOT away.  If you have a security system now, it is probably easy to add security cameras.
  • Preschedule some of your emails to be automatically sent out while you are gone. Investigate how this works in your system if you don’t already know.

When you return from vacation, have a meeting with your staff to review how things went while you were gone.  Be sure to clear up any misunderstandings and set guidelines for unanticipated things that came up.  This will make it easier for you to take another vacation in the future.

Centennial Escrow Team